Candidate Greg Hill comments on Pierce Bush

Dec 9 | News

Republican Congressional Candidate Judge Greg Hill says District 22 is best served by someone who actually lives and works in the district, not someone trying to buy the seat at the last minute.

PEARLAND, TX – Judge Greg Hill, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District, issued the following statement regarding Pierce Bush’s late entry into the race to replace retiring Rep. Pete Olson.

“While I have great respect for the Bush family, I have strong doubts about any candidate who would try to parachute into our district and buy this seat. This is not West Houston, and unless you’ve actually lived here and worked here and raised a family here, you cannot begin to understand the issues we face.

“As a lifelong resident of this district and a former Border Patrol agent who is committed to standing with President Trump and securing our border, I hope the voters will take a hard look at each candidate and vote for the person who best represents this district and who is best suited to defend our conservative values in Congress.

“The time for politics as usual is over. The stakes are too high to give our vote and our voice to an unproven candidate who has never even spent a night in Brazoria or Fort Bend Counties.”