Candidate Greg Hill statement on Democrat Impeachment

Dec 13 | News

Republican Congressional Candidate Judge Greg Hill blasted Democrats in the House of Representatives for not only engaging in a baseless impeachment sham, but for also saying that if President Trump wins, they may just impeach him again.

PEARLAND, TX – Judge Greg Hill, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District, issued the following statement regarding the impeachment effort being led by Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“With each passing day, Democrats in Washington prove they are not serious about law, order, or due process.  The impeachment proceedings against President Trump have revealed their true intentions.

“Democrats such as Karen Bass and Al Green have hinted that after all this time and money have been wasted on impeachment, they are likely to do it again.  The Democrats are actually talking of impeaching President Trump a SECOND TIME, all in their effort to overturn an election and invalidate the voices of millions of voters.

“Support for impeachment continues to fall.  Voters don’t want impeachment, so they certainly won’t support a second one.  There is much work that needs to be done, and we need people in Washington who are focused on representing their communities, not pushing a Democrat agenda of obstruction, investigation, and partisan outrage.”