Candidate Greg Hill’s statement on Impeachment and Electing Pro-Trump Republicans

Dec 19 | News

Republican Congressional Candidate Judge Greg Hill blasted the Democrats’ unprecedented impeachment vote as a coup against President Trump.  Hill stressed the need for electing  pro-Trump Republicans to ensure this witch hunt does not happen again.

PEARLAND, TX – Judge Greg Hill, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District, issued the following statement regarding the partisan impeachment vote orchestrated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

“Wednesday’s vote by the Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump marks a sad and unprecedented day in American history.  Never has an American president been impeached based on pure, partisan politics.  With Presidents Johnson and Clinton, actual laws were broken.  The only ‘crime’ President Trump is guilty of is beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. This is a coup against a sitting president and the millions of people who voted for him.

“Back in March, Nancy Pelosi said that impeachment would only be pursued if it is ‘compelling, overwhelming, and bipartisan.’  With this vote, she joins the rest of the far left in trying to overturn an election simply based on politics.  Not a single Republican voted for impeachment.  Not one.

“Democrats have gone on record saying they are likely to impeach President Trump again.  It’s more important than ever to take back the House of Representatives and ensure that President Trump has Republican support.   I have the president’s back.  I was born and raised in Congressional District 22.  I actually live in the district, and it deserves to be represented by someone who understands the community and who supports the president.”