Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Hill Rolls Out Brazoria County Endorsements

Jan 7 | News

The List Includes Nearly 50 Local Elected Officials and Community Leaders

PEARLAND, TX – Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Hill today announced endorsements from nearly 50 local elected officials and community leaders in Brazoria County.  The list demonstrates strong momentum and grassroots support across the Brazoria County portion of CD 22.      

“I have only one vote for Congressional District 22 and must place it wisely toward the candidate that will act best for the good of all citizens, not some,” said Alvin City Councilman Glenn Starkey. “My candidate must uphold the Constitution and rule of law, protect Christian family values, stand against corruption and socialism, and be prepared to fight to the end for what is right. For this task I choose Greg Hill for Congress.

“I’ve known Greg Hill for several years and never doubted his personal qualities and integrity to serve the public. He came through the ranks as a workingman and knows firsthand the challenges confronting families and communities in these difficult times. In the battles to safeguard our families, great state, and nation from those who wish to destroy us, I want the best person possible. This is why my vote is for Greg Hill for Congress.”

A lifelong Republican and district resident, Greg served as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent before returning home and serving three terms on the Pearland City Council. In 2018, Hill ran for Brazoria County Court-at-Law Judge and was one of the top voter getters, receiving more votes than any of the Republican statewide candidates. 

“As a lifelong resident of the district, I am honored to have the support of so many elected officials and community leaders in Brazoria County,” said Hill.  “These individuals represent a broad coalition of Brazoria County voters and will help me spread my message to thousands of voters across the county and district.  Our campaign continues to gain support in both Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties as voters respond to my experience as a former U.S. Border Patrol Agent and my message of standing with President Trump to secure the border and fight the radical socialist agenda that has taken over the Democratic Party.  In the coming days we will continue to add to this list and build the same model in Fort Bend County.”

The full endorsement list is below:

Joe King, Former Sheriff & County Judge, Brazoria County

Dude Payne, Brazoria County Commissioner

Ryan Cade, Brazoria County Commissioner

Stacy Adams, Brazoria County Commissioner

David Linder, Brazoria County Commissioner

Tom Reid, Mayor of Pearland

Paul Horn, Mayor of Alvin

Debra Davison, Mayor of Manvel

Delores Martin, Former Mayor of Manvel

Buck Stevens, Brazoria County Constable

James Brawner, Brazoria County Constable

Willie Howell, Brazoria County Constable

David Thacker, Brazoria County Constable

David Little, Pearland City Council

Tony Carbone, Pearland City Council

Luke Orlando, Pearland City Council

Woody Owens, Pearland City Council

Trent Perez, Pearland City Council

Gary Moore, Pearland City Council

Lance Botkin, Pearland School Board

Crystal Carbone, Pearland School Board

Jeff Barry, Pearland School Board

Sean Murphy, Pearland School Board

Rebecca Decker, Pearland School Board

Brandon Dansby, Pearland Economic Development

Hugh Patton, Pearland Economic Development

Mona Chavarria, Pearland Economic Development

Chad Thumann, Pearland Economic Development

Reid Wendell, Pearland Economic Development

John Lyle, Pearland Economic Development

Jeff Brennan, Brazoria County Drainage District Commissioner

Lorraine Hehn, Manvel City Council

Gabe Adame, Alvin City Council

Adam Arrendale, Alvin City Council

Glenn Starkey, Alvin City Council

Martin Vela, Alvin City Council

Keith Thompson, Alvin City Council

Julie Pickren, Alvin ISD School Board

Nicole Tonini, Alvin ISD School Board

Vivian Scheibel, Alvin ISD School Board

Tiffany Wennerstrom, Alvin ISD School Board

Regan Metoyer Peterson, Alvin ISD School Board

Earl Humbird, Alvin ISD School Board

Cheryl Harris, Alvin ISD School Board