Republican Greg Hill’s Statement on Leading the Field in Grassroots Fundraising

Feb 6 | News

PEARLAND, TX – Republican Greg Hill, a candidate for Texas’ Congressional District 22, issued the following statement regarding 2019 fundraising and his clear victory in garnering support from grassroots conservatives across the entire district.

Hill raised more money within Congressional District 22 than any other candidate in the race. Hill also had more contributions from people inside CD 22 than any other candidate. In fact, Greg Hill raised more money from inside CD 22 than Troy Nehls, Pierce Bush, and Kathaleen Wall… COMBINED.

“I am so honored to have the support of the ACTUAL VOTERS I’m hoping to represent in Congress: members of my community, people who have been through so much, people who represent diverse careers, backgrounds, and interests.

“I was born and raised in Congressional District 22. Leading all candidates in both funds raised and in the number of individual contributions from the district shows that people want a grassroots leader, someone who is one of them. The people of CD 22 reject outsiders who are just trying to buy a congressional seat based on a name or on deep pockets.

“I have served as a Border Patrol agent, city council member, and judge. I know the district, because I am part of the district. My roots are here. My family is here. Today’s numbers show that the people of CD 22 value leadership, experience, and a commitment to the local community. I will work hard everyday to return their faith by being a congressman they can be proud of.”