Republican Greg Hill’s Statement on Rep. Pete Olson’s Endorsement of Pierce Bush: The Swamp Lives

Jan 20 | News

PEARLAND, TX – Republican Greg Hill, a candidate for Texas’ Congressional District 22, issued the following statement regarding retiring Rep. Pete Olson’s endorsement of opponent and establishment favorite, Pierce Bush.

“Today’s endorsement affirms that the swamp is alive and well in Washington, D.C. The D.C. establishment is trying to manipulate this race by throwing their full support behind a celebrity candidate who doesn’t live in our district and who even marched in the streets of New York City in protest of President Trump.

“The residents of Congressional District 22 deserve better. I was born and raised in Congressional District 22, and I have served this community as a prosecutor, city council member, and judge. This is the same kind of ‘swamp tactic’ that voters have rejected, and we don’t need it in Congressional District 22.

“A vote for the D.C. establishment will ensure more of the same: more inaction on border security, more national debt, and more out of touch politicians. I pledge to stand with President Trump to drain the swamp, not become part of the problem.

“I want to earn each and every vote in this race based on merit, based on experience, and based on a commitment to represent the people of the community I grew up in. I believe in sincerity over celebrity and conviction over connections. Let’s put people over politics.”